Merge a Bunch of PDF Files into one File in OSX using the Command Line

Do you have a bunch of PDFs you need to merge into one file? Don’t want to use Preview to tediously drag-and-drop them together?

In the Terminal, navigate the the folder where the PDFs are, and run:


Initialize UIColor from RGB hex in Swift

Want to initialize a UIColor object from a hex code?

Create a new Swift class named “UIColor+FromRGB.swift” with the following content:

Initializing a UIColor object then is now a matter of a one-liner, e.g.:


Seat map shows best seat in aircraft

You most certainly know the seat maps that allow you to choose your seat during check-in. Some airlines provide very detailed seat maps, some don’t and you are left to randomly chose one. seatguru solves this. Select the airline you’re flying and the aircraft type and you get a detailed overview which seats are ‘good seats’ and ‘bad seats’.

Airbus 312 Seat map
1) In the online check-in (Swiss Airlines Airbus 312 Seat Map)
Select best seat available on
2) Select best seat available on
3) Seat with comfy legroom

With a little luck you get a seat with plenty of legroom instead of a seat in the vicinity of the restroom…

Quick note: I am not affiliated with seatguru, nor got paid for this article. I just like service.

Unpack part’ed tarballs

Need to unpack a bunch of files such as:

with the following command:

cat bigfile.tar-part000* | tar xzf –

which untars the part file’s contents to the current folder.

Shredding data on your Mac

You need to get rid of data in form of files, directories or drives? May be you know the ‘shred’ command on linux. On OS X, there is srm (stands for ‘secure rm‘):

The following command will apply the secure remove to -directory in a -recursive way using all -force needed in a -medium (though DoD compliant) way.