My first open source project

I recently released my old, long-term project called survey-rocket (a simple online survey tool) to google code. I started to refactor the code to make it more readable and maintainable. Although I invested many hours, there is still a long way to go until it can be considered good code. Basically I used this project for applying all the best practices found in Clean Code.

Check out the software here

The latest features added to the software are

  • added email support for sending URLs
  • added workspace reset
  • after clicking “save” once, everything is autosaved

old blog post:
I am proud to announce my new webservice (service moved!). It is a tool for easy survey creation. It is free and requires no sign up. It is heavily XML and XSL based and only uses AJAX for communicating with the server. It is fully implemented in Java. I am aware of some of the bugs which are still unresolved. Laeve me some feedback if you have some suggestions or you found bugs!!! Happy survey-creation!

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