How to make crystal clear ice cubes

Did you freeze your own ice cubes in the past but ended up having white little shreds floating in your drink while sipping your favorite drink This might be due to the water used containing a lot of minerals, which all end up in the same location in your ice cube when freezing.

Find below a simple device you can build at home to make yourself perfect ice cubes.

So what you need to do is to build a device which makes water freezing from one direction, the top. Let me draw how this works:

You need two containers which can be stacked in each other and the smaller container will need some holes drilled trough the bottom. Then surround it with Styrofoam from all sides except the top and you are done.

If you put that device in the freezer, the water will freeze faster from the top since all other sides are insulated. While freezing, all the impurities are pushed trough the holes into the bottom / outer container, leaving you with crystal clear ice in the inner container.

An this looks like:

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