Merge a Bunch of PDF Files into one File in OSX using the Command Line

Do you have a bunch of PDFs you need to merge into one file? Don’t want to use Preview to tediously drag-and-drop them together? In the Terminal, navigate the the folder where the PDFs are, and run: “/System/Library/Automator/Combine PDF Pages.action/Contents/Resources/” -o merged.pdf  *  

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Initialize UIColor from RGB hex in Swift

Want to initialize a UIColor object from a hex code? Create a new Swift class named “UIColor+FromRGB.swift” with the following content: import UIKit extension UIColor { static func fromRGB(colorCode: String, alpha: Float = 1.0) -> UIColor { let scanner = NSScanner(string:colorCode) var color:UInt32 = 0; scanner.scanHexInt(&color) let mask = 0x000000FF let r = CGFloat(Float(Int(color >>… Continue reading Initialize UIColor from RGB hex in Swift

Shredding data on your Mac

You need to get rid of data in form of files, directories or drives? May be you know the ‘shred’ command on linux. On OS X, there is srm (stands for ‘secure rm‘): The following command will apply the secure remove to -directory in a -recursive way using all -force needed in a -medium (though… Continue reading Shredding data on your Mac