Unpack part’ed tarballs

Need to unpack a bunch of files such as:

with the following command:

cat bigfile.tar-part000* | tar xzf –

which untars the part file’s contents to the current folder.

Shredding data on your Mac

You need to get rid of data in form of files, directories or drives? May be you know the ‘shred’ command on linux. On OS X, there is srm (stands for ‘secure rm‘):

The following command will apply the secure remove to -directory in a -recursive way using all -force needed in a -medium (though DoD compliant) way.

Splunk: Keep indexed volume under control

You can use splunk for free for up to 500 megabytes of indexed data daily. To make sure you do not run beyond this limitation, use the following query:

index=_internal group=”per_source_thruput” NOT series=”*splunk/var/log*” | eval mb=kb/1024| timechart span=1d sum(mb) by series

When drawing a bar graph, you directly see, what type of log is filling your indexes. In this case the “ps” logs.