Seat map shows best seat in aircraft

You most certainly know the seat maps that allow you to choose your seat during check-in. Some airlines provide very detailed seat maps, some don’t and you are left to randomly chose one. seatguru solves this. Select the airline you’re flying and the aircraft type and you get a detailed overview which seats are ‘good seats’ and ‘bad seats’.

Airbus 312 Seat map
1) In the online check-in (Swiss Airlines Airbus 312 Seat Map)
Select best seat available on
2) Select best seat available on
3) Seat with comfy legroom

With a little luck you get a seat with plenty of legroom instead of a seat in the vicinity of the restroom…

Quick note: I am not affiliated with seatguru, nor got paid for this article. I just like service.

My favourite five pics from our 4500 mile Africa trip

These are my favourite 5 pictures from our southern Africa trip through South Africa, Zimbabwe, Botswana and Namibia. Check out the gallery featuring a lot of other pictures -> check out full gallery

Love this image. Using it as background on my iDevices, Kruger National Park, South Africa
Victoria Falls seen from Zimbabwe
Jeffrey’s Bay view from Hostel, South Africa
Breakfast in the Dunes of Sossusvlei, Namibia
With the beat and the marcu, somewhere on the road
Elephant in Etosha National Park, Namibia

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zhongtan lu / 中潭路 – now and then

Back in Shanghai and in zhongtan road in April 2012, I was wondering if and how it changed… Lot of things changed. The buildings got renovated, restaurants got refurnished, a Starbucks moved in. The site could be in any other western city. The only constant seems to be the beloved street food, found after sunset at the same places as 2009. The only difference is that they now have some tiny tables and stools for convenient consummation of your recently cooked meal.

By accident, I met some IAESTE fellows, they still have a flat somewhere around there.


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Rent a bike in Taipei

Renting a bike in Taipei is pretty east, yet I could not find any helpful information in the internet.

Taiwanese people are passionate about cycling and I am sure that it is an emerging sport and tourist attraction in Taiwan. Therefore I wanted to try it myself and explore the country by bicycle.

Giant is the the major bicycle manufacturer in Taiwan and provides good value for the money. Go to this (major) store (get off at the East Nanjing Road metro station) in Taipei, and just ask them for a bike. They will very likely be able to speak English. Note that they might have no bike available in that store at the time of your arrival, so give them a call beforehand. Maybe you are sent to another store.

Note that you can return your bike in many of the stores around the island free of charge. They will provide you a list with the stores! (not in English.) But they offered me to call them in case of any problems.


The quality of the bike was ok. I had a minor issue with a fender.

Furthermore while googling the topic, I stumbled upon this guy, haven’t tried his services though: