Play Snake while a youtube video is loading

When you see the youtube loading circle, make sure the focus is on the flashplayer (click it if not) and hit any arrow-key, and enjoy a game of snake.

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zhongtan lu / 中潭路 – now and then

Back in Shanghai and in zhongtan road in April 2012, I was wondering if and how it changed… Lot of things changed. The buildings got renovated, restaurants got refurnished, a Starbucks moved in. The site could be in any other western city. The only constant seems to be the beloved street food, found after sunset at… Continue reading zhongtan lu / 中潭路 – now and then

Rent a bike in Taipei

Renting a bike in Taipei is pretty east, yet I could not find any helpful information in the internet. Taiwanese people are passionate about cycling and I am sure that it is an emerging sport and tourist attraction in Taiwan. Therefore I wanted to try it myself and explore the country by bicycle. Giant is… Continue reading Rent a bike in Taipei